Provider and distributor of global automotive parts of premium quality with reasonable price.


Established on 8 June 2011, Mito Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a provider and distributor of global automotive parts of premium quality with reasonable price.

Our Company is outstanding for highly specialized team of engineers who proactively provide solutions as well as improve the business together with customers, including developing the management system for global service involving domestic and global imports and exports in order to meet every form and type of demands for automotive spare parts based on international standard.


1.Providing accurate and professional delivery service at affordable price in order to build trusts among supporters who devoted themselves to the society and country.

2.Operating business in a systematic and cautious manner with great determination and efforts, including keep moving forward through constantly self-development and creativity for the benefits of the company, and perform each day of work with focused and care.

3.Achieving excellence in terms of courtesy, integrity, and sincerity, including contributing in maintaining goodness, simplicity, and sufficiency to build happiness on the foundation of stability.

Mission & Vision

The Company is committed to continuously improve the quality of its products and services to achieve highest customer satisfaction while upholding its social accountability.


“We committed to enchance customer satisfaction by continually improving our services and social accountability.”


international standards
such as ISO9001 : 2008, ISO14001: 2004

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Accredited by numerous international standards such as ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and even certified by the Ministry of Green Industry for Green commitment, Mito Kogyo (Thailand) is guaranteed to bring you products and services of professional quality.