We will do our best to accommodate your request.
Based on our many years of manufacturing technology especially in Automotive parts and industrial Machinery,
we have accumulated technical capabilities
that can contribute to the various "MANUFACTURING" of our customers.

We also deliver the equipment and devices necessary for our customers' production lines,
as well as various production supplies, various parts to be incorporated into our customers' products.
Through close cooperation with our domestic and overseas partner companies,
we have built a system that can meet the various needs of our customers.
Our technical support team proactively assist to ensure the project runs smoothly as
to ensure their requests, indicate problems and proposes solutions that can be accurately resolved
and beyond to keep your project running smoothl
We create valuable products ahead of society while reading market needs and customer needs.
At Mito Industry, we have accumulated a variety of know-how for productivity improvement, labor saving, and maintenance of machinery products in factories, while promoting technical support for customers by closely working on manufacturing and production sites. Utilizing these experiences and knowledge, we have developed many original products and provide them to our customers. By creating products that companies need ahead of others and providing them to customers, we have established a solid track record as a manufacturing company that has the power to lead the next generation. In addition to products developed in-house, we introduce excellent products from overseas to the domestic market and provide them to our customers.

Tools for four-wheeled vehiclesTools for constructionTools for motorcycles
Tools for trucksWheel nut wrenchWheel nut wrench
Pressure gaugeJack handleHydraulic jack
Filter wrenchTire gauge (for automobiles)Grease gun


We are also provide a one-stop service from prototyping to design, production, and mass production.

Jack cnc latheJack for cncCenter base
Mold for processJIG for loaderJIG MC nylon
JIG MC nylonJIG Metal JIG Metal
JIG GripperCenter pin JIGCenter Pin JIG
Automated service are more convinient than analog system.
In order to provide efficient manufacturing, we and our partners developed our automated machines, jigs etc., to handle assembly and prototyping.
As such, we are able to ensure the quality, run smoothly in manufacturing without relying on workers,
which prevents variability and human error.
Modify Machine Add Sensor
Maintenance Ball Screw of Servo Motor
NEW Machine Inspection
Maintenance Hydraulic Press Machine
New Transfer Robot Press 200 Ton
New Nutrunner System
We have been sucessfully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.
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