WE are Product

  • auto parts gas spring
  • Oil jacks for medium-sized and large-sized automobiles
  • Hinge for industrial machinery
  • Valves for industrial machinery, etc.
  • Labor-saving new machine
  • Modification of existing machine
  • Installation of automated machine
  • Consistent management from design to production
  • Production jigs
  • Measurement jig
  • Transport jig
  • Modification of existing jigs
  • Consistent management from design to production

Examples of introduction results

Productivity improvement, labor-saving equipment

make to order prototype form

Modification of temperature control system by adding existing ducts

   New Product  

conanair Wi-Fi Vibration sensor

Low Cost Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor


  • Easy Operation , Small vibration monitoring device
  • Waterproof IP67 / Long life Battery


Manual Operation mode

  • Can measure up to 100 different locations with one conanair
  • Easy use smartphone (Tablet or PC)


Fully Automatic mode

  • Easy installation up to 100 conanair s per base station . (single PC)


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